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Eight traits of successful people

Eight traits of successful people

Many people want success, be it in their lives or their careers, and that's very good, but as dictated by popular wisdom: "Nothing is free in this life," then that is what we are willing to give to get what we want.

I know anecdotes in which it is said that someone wants to win the lottery, and if they are asked, "How many tickets do you buy per month?" this usually say none, giving him a probability of 0% if it is something incredibly obtaining a lottery ticket, it would be something more surprising to win without having to participate, right?

Even this desire of winning without giving anything in exchange is a form of thinking that leverage fraudsters and sellers, since you know that some persons fall for deceitful advertisements that tell them they have won a prize, but have not been enrolled in any contest or anything like that, but are pleased to receive without giving anything in return, thus falling into the trap.

Napoleon Hill, who was among other things a presidential adviser, tells us in his book "Think and Grow Rich" that;

1.We have to think that is what we want

2\. Decide what we will do to change it.

3\. What is our timeline

For in general we leave in undefined future as the place in time where we have our happiness and our productivity, but that tells us the importance of giving a period, rarely clear the things will turn out exactly to the plan, but it is normal and necessary to make changes, adapt to the present situation.

Another important point is that we usually desire things for our own benefits, but to achieve success such this author agree we have to seek to "serve" as many number of people as we can and thus we share the fruits if such good service as stated this way: part and share...

That idea of service is something I see in a pattern repeated in different personalities like John F. Kennedy or the Mexican-Japanese businessman Carlos Kasuga, Stephen King, where it is more important to think what we can give or do instead of what we can receive and thus this form Richard St. John was given the task of seeing that they had in common and successful people like what professor Snape (in Harry Potter series) called "bottle of success"

Donald Trump said that his father worked 7 days a week but didn't feel exhausted, he stated that he used to say: "It doesn't feel like work", in other worlds it feels good to do the work you like, some authors say it this way, that thing you would do without being paid to do it, that it is your passion or what you wanted to be at 16 years old.

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